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Gayatri Jayanti Special

Published on 31 May 2023 / In God Status

Mother Goddess Gayatri is considers as a mother Hindu Indian culture. Mother Goddess Gayatri is believed to be the originator of the four Vedas. Therefore, the Gayatri Mantra is considered as the essence of all four Vedas. One can attained the virtue of knowledge of all four vedas, just by understanding the Gayatri Mantra.

Come let us know who is Goddess Gayatri

The four Vedas, Shastras and Shrutis are all believed to have originated from Goddess Gayatri. She is called Vedmata due to the origin of Vedas and she is also considered to be the adorable of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the three deities, hence she is also called Devamata. Goddess Gayatri is considered as the Goddess of knowledge, the second wife of Lord Brahma. Gayatri and the incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Saraswati, and Lakshmi.

It is believed that the Gayatri mantra appeared on Brahma ji at the beginning of the universe. With the grace of Mother Gayatri, Brahma Ji interpreted the Gayatri Mantra as four Vedas with his four heads. Initially, the glory of Gayatri Mantra was limited to the gods only, but just as Bhagiratha brought Goddess Ganga from heaven to the earth with severe penance, similarly Vishwamitra also did hard meditation and spread the glory of Gayatri Mantra to the general public.

It is said that once Lord Brahma was attending a yagna but his wife was not there at that time, It is believed that if the wife is also participating in the religious works, then you definitely gets the fruit of that religious work, Hence for this reason Lord Brahma married Goddess Gayatri who was present there at that time. After that a special class started worshiping Goddess Gayatri.

Let’s know the significance of Goddess Gayatri

Many things have been said in the glory of Goddess Gayatri, from sages of ancient India to thinkers of modern India. Vedas, scriptures and Puranas sing the glory of Goddess Gayatri.
In the Atharvaveda, mother Gayatri is said to be the goddess who imparts age, life, life, strength, fame, wealth and brahmatej.

Veda Vyas, the author of Mahabharata, says in the glory of Goddess Gayatri, that similar to the essence of honey in flowers, the essence of ghee in milk the essence of all Vedas is Gayatri. If Goddess Gayatri is worshipped then she will fulfils all the desires of the mankind similar to Kamadhenu divine cow who fulfills all desires. Just as Ganga washes away the sins of the body, cleanses the body and mind, similarly, the soul becomes pure from meditating the Goddess Gayatri mantra.

Vishwamitra, who spread Goddess Gayatri mantra to the general public, says that Brahma Ji has extracted the essence of the three Vedas, in the Gayatri Mantra. There is no sacred mantra than Gayatri mantra . A person who chants Gayatri mantra regularly gets rid of sins

Gayatri Mahamantra is an important mantra of the Vedas, whose importance is considered to be almost equal to OM mantra.
It is composed of a combination of the verses of the Yajurveda 'Om Bhurbhuva: Self' and the Rigveda. Savitri Dev is worshiped in this mantra, hence it is also called Savitri.
It is believed that by chanting and understanding this mantra, one attains God. It is also worshiped in the feminine form of Shri Gayatri Devi.
Maharishi Vishwamitra has composed it

'Gayatri' is also a verse which is one of the seven famous verses of the Rigveda. The names of these seven verses are - Gayatri, Ushnik, Anushtupa, Brahati, Virat, Tristupa and Jagati. Gayatri verse has three stages of eight-eight letters each. Among the mantras of the Rigveda, the highest number of Gayatri verses are there except Trishupa. Gayatri has three terms (Tripada ve Gayatri).

Therefore, when the symbol of creation was conceived in the form of verses or speech, then this world was considered as the form of Tripada Gayatri. When the symbolic interpretation of life began to happen in the form of Gayatri, then a special mantra was composed according to the increasing importance of Gayatri verses, which are as follows:

The Gayatri Mantra is chanted three times in a day. First time before sunrise, second time in the afternoon and the third time in the evening after sunset. Goddess Gayatri changes her age three times in a day. In the morning her form is of small girl, In the afternoon she changed her form to young women and in the evening she changed her form to an old lady.

Goddess sits on swan when she is in a virgin state. She rides on Garun when she is in a youth state. She sits in Taurus in the old age. There are many ways to recite mantras. The Gayatri Mantra should be read in a slow voice or silently. This mantra can also be chanted mentally. This gives full benefit of the mantra.

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